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How To Create A Beautiful Email Signature ✍🏼

The most effective and reliable way to catch your recipient's attention remains email, despite the wide variety of communication methods available. An email signature represents you and your company, instantly improving the credibility of your email. It is easy to set up, makes your email look more professional, and boosts brand awareness.

Canva is the most popular graphic design platform that allows you to make beautiful designs with many customizable templates available and professionally present your work. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to make a professional email signature using Canva. Let’s get started.

Ready to make a digital signature? Here's what you'll need:

  • the camera on your phone

  • a piece of white paper

  • a Sharpie

  • the free version of Canva

  1. Create An Account, it's FREE!

2. On a White Piece of Paper Write Your Signature, using a Sharpie.

3. Take a picture of the signature on the paper with your phone.

4. Create A New Email Signature Design.

5. Upload the image you took on your phone of your signature to the new design you just made.

6. On you have added the image to the canvas, you want to click on the image then, click edit image > BG Remover > Apply.

7. BOOM... You are finished!

Written By: Zoe Perez