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2022 Holiday Picks This Season - Vol. 02

Gift-giving made easy ๐ŸŽ

Deck the halls with books, handbags and jewelry this holiday season! Here's a gift guide from our President and Co-Founder, Laurie who's made shopping for the people who have everything a little easier this year.

3 Tips for holiday gift giving:

  1. Jewelry that is thoughtfully picked out for the recipient is always a good idea. A chic pair of sunglasses that go with everything is an absolute winning recipe for a holiday gift. These simple, but elegant gold hoops or these classic black sunnies are on my must-buy list this holiday season and will have any friend or family member feeling put together and thinking of you each time they put them on.

  2. Did something monumental happen in their life this year? Celebrate it! We just launched our agency so a brand new business card holder is on the very top of my list this year.

  3. We're always go-go-going so giving a gift that invites the recipient to enjoy some quiet, quality at-home time is always a good idea. An espresso machine to make lattes from home, a good book and a cozy blanket.. Anything that says enjoy your alone time.

Written By: Laurie Candeloro