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An Expertly Curated Fashion Event

International Luxury Outerwear Expo

ILOE Studios is for the people, by former industry exhibitors. Founded in 2013, ILOE Studios has been a vital part of the Apparel & Accessory Industry since its inception. 

Project Overview

- Digital Strategy

- Website Design

- Brand Strategy

- Advertising

- Copywriting

- Print Media

- Event Marketing

- Video Curation

- Email Marketing

Total Rebrand

The Muse Solution

ILOE Studios wanted to rebrand all of their marketing to be more timeless, clean, and relate to a more high end clientele. This was a complete overhaul of the company's image which included a new event marketing, social media content, videography and website design. With the target audience in mind we were able to create sleek to the point marketing with an elegant design that is both modern and timeless.

Chicago Fashion Event

Since its inception, ILOE Studios has called Chicago home.Our show has grown along side the industry, expanding into multiple areas of the apparel industry to meet the needs of those in attendance. Join us as we showcase the best in Outerwear, Better Contemporary, Better Women's, Young Contemporary, Accessories and Footwear. ILOE Studios Chicago will host a variety of highly curated brands throughout an elevated studio like setting.

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