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Prime Spot Off The Road

Tampa Bay’s Top Rated Paintball Field

We have great fields. Hyper-ball, Dunes, City and more. Bunker or surrender rules. Service and air on site. Unheard of spectator viewing! For all experience levels.

Project Overview

- Apparel Design

- Layout Rendition 

- Flyers

- Logo Creation

- Copywriting

- Team Coordination 

- Print Files

- Branding

- Banners

Tiki's Paintball

The Muse Solution

We love seeing people passionate about their favorite Sport. When we met with the teams at Tiki's we knew exactly how to help them bring their designs to life. With such talented players and the most recent 2022 MVPS Champions on their roster, Muse made sure Tiki's has the best team jersey's in Florida.

Striking Designs

At Tiki's we pride ourselves on hosting the most exciting and memorable paintball event in the Tampa Bay area. From photographs, to effective safety and skills training, your next visit will be an exceptional experience. in addition to having the fields we also have a store where you can purchase all the latest and greats gear.

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