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A Lifestyle Journey

Dear Dairy...

Here is where you’ll find the day to day happenings of a Marketing Director in the Fashion Industry who has a serious side hustle as a Social Media Manager. You’ll also get to find out about my life living at Disney World - yes, seriously, less than 20 minutes away from Magic Kingdom - because I am obsessed, & about all the wonderful things that make up this fresh Florida life.

Project Overview

- Digital Strategy

- Photography

- Brand Deals

- Logo Creation

- Copywriting

- Website Design

- Blog Posts

- Branding

- Email Marketing

Girl With A Beat

The Muse Solution

We love seeing people passionate about their work. When we met Laurie, she had lost some of her passion and wanted to rekindle it, but wasn't sure where to start. With a rebrand and website refresh we were able to help her get back on track and feel confident in her brand's direction.

Bring Back The Spark

I was thinking long and hard about how to combat those overwhelming obstacles in my day-to-day experience and I think I’ve come up with a solution that might be helpful…. Do more things that make me happy. Do things that I’m passionate about. Do things that scare me because the pay off could be so good but that initial leap is always terrifying. Do things for me without looking for permission or validation from anyone or everyone around me. Do whatever, whenever, to make myself smile through the toughest times.

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